Disabling ssh keys


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Hi guys, I'm asking this here as I tend to get very little answers over at lindode.

Earlier this week I was trying to set up SSH keys on my server and the damn thing crashed (PC) as I was doing it - now I can't gain access through SSH anywhere except though Lish (Linode's SSH system).

I was fallowing this tutorial: http://library.linode.com/security/ssh-keys

Does anyone know how I can disable/delete the SSH keys so that I can at least use my SFTP? Without it I'm royally stuffed.

I'd appreicate any help.


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SSH keys are generally installed under your home directory in a folder named ".ssh". Inside there you will find your public/private keys.

If the keys were generated under the root account they will be in /root/.ssh


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A own server will always give you headache if you don't know what you're doing and just do what the tutorials/how to's say...

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Yeah I know mate - I found that out the hard way - I was hoping to learn as went along but when things don't work you have no-one to call on for help, so you don't end up learning anything. I wish I hadn't used linode now. Lots of people here recommended it here so I thought it was worth the risk - but I may just choose a different provider next year as I don't want the headaches.