XF 1.2 disabling ajax

Jake Bunce

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I am not aware of a global switch. But there is this option:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Overlays and Tooltips -> Enable Overlays

Overlays are AJAX, but that's not all of the AJAX.


I have small problem with Ajax!
In message template I made two tables:
  • first table displays when browsers width > 600 pixels
  • second table displays when browsers width < 600 pixels
Every thing working good but small problem happen when submit reply or edit post message: then displaying both tables!
But when i refresh page then display one table only.
So i need to disable Ajax (Or reload page) when submit reply or submit (Save changes) when edit message!​
is there any way ?

thank you
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When i disabled [Enable Overlays] then no problem when edit message or delete!
So my problem now when submit [post reply] only!


Thank you Jake for your help but it is not working for me!
i made two changes in: thread_reply_new_posts and message
and one change in: /library/XenForo/ViewPublic/Thread/ViewPosts.php
Then 2 tables are hidden and thread is blank!