XF 2.0 Disable user title ladder completely


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How to completely disable those "New member", "Well known member" titles below member names?


Yes I found this in another thread. Add to extra.less:

/* don't use the user title ladder */
.userTitle {
    display: none !important;
That takes out all of the titles.

What I am trying to figure out is to just eliminate the ladder titles and use the group title names. All of our members have the correct group title except for one which is "well-known-member", I dont know why, I checked and they have the same use group and settings as the others..

any ideas? ty!

Never mind, I just deleted the user titles on the ladder page, then I went back to the user and he was assigned to a different usergroup somehow, so i put him in the correct one again and its working now.

I will probably add the user titles back for those who it applies to, sorry to hijack! (nothing to see here...) :)
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