XF 1.5 Disable the ability for users to register with email


I was wondering if there is a way to disable the ability for users to register with an email address and password. I would like new users to only be able to register with a third-party sign-in service (Discord/Google). Is this at all possible with Xenforo?

You can edit this template register_form
Replace all content with this :
<xf:js src="xf/login_signup.js" min="1" />

<xf:title>{{ phrase('register') }}</xf:title>

<xf:head option="robots"><meta name="robots" content="noindex" /></xf:head>

<xf:if is="$providers is not empty">
    <div class="block">
        <div class="block-container">
            <div class="block-body">
                <xf:formrow rowtype="button"
                    label="{{ phrase('register_faster_using') }}">

                    <ul class="listHeap">
                        <xf:foreach loop="$providers" value="$provider">
                                <xf:macro template="connected_account_macros" name="button"
                                    arg-provider="{$provider}" />
Yes. An upgrade
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You could remove it from the template and ban bots by banning all emails with a wildcard, *@*.*

If I am wrong, someone will chime in.
I am not doing it to prevent bots. I just only want my users to only be able to register from Discord accounts haha.
Is a register_form template exists in XF 1.5 ? Or a template could be same ? If yes put the code here and maybe we can find something...
I'll take a look.
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