XF 1.5 Disable "show ignored ..."?


We have occasionally had issues which would be pretty well resolved if we could cause users to ignore each other (a thing for which addons exist), except that users can just bypass that and click "show ignored content". Is there any way to disable bypassing-ignore, either per user or site-wide or something? Because it seems like it would be really handy not to have that "show ignored content" button sitting there tempting people.


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The reason that link is there is because the ignore function isn't meant to be a block feature and completely remove an ignored user's existence. That said, you'll have to edit more than one template. For example, in threads, find this line in the thread_view template and either comment it out or remove it:

<div class="linkGroup"{xen:if '!{$ignoredNames}', ' style="display: none"'}><a href="javascript:" class="muted JsOnly DisplayIgnoredContent Tooltip" title="{xen:phrase show_hidden_content_by_x, "names={xen:helper implode, $ignoredNames, ', '}"}">{xen:phrase show_ignored_content}</a></div>


A "block" feature, I would think, would be "prevent this other user from seeing my content".

My issue is mostly that I have a lot of people doing mental health recovery things, which means I have people who can't keep themselves from clicking a link like that. And removing the links wouldn't really solve the problem, because it's just a CSS thing anyway; what I'd really need would be a way to make some content not get downloaded to users in the first place.

EDIT: I can do this with suitable if statements in the message and message_simple templates, although I doubt that covers every possible way to display messages.
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