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I've disabled profile posts under both the board options and also the usergroup permissions, however, the tab "profile posts" is still the default tab under each profile. Is there a way to remove this tab in it's entirety or at leas not have it be the default tab when each profile is viewed?


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It seems like there may not be an easy way to remove the "profile posts" section since there hasn't been a response to this thread.

Even if there was a way to change the default tab from "profile posts" to "recent activity" that would be helpful.


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I've seen this done in another thread. I have tried looking for it. I couldnt find it. I could be wrong though. Let see if Brogan or Jake Bunce can give you an answer to your question.

Neil E.

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I found the easiest way for me to turn off profile posts was with a TMS edit. Template modification on template profile_posts, search field has the complete template content, the replace field is blank. Thus the profile post code is not executed.


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There really should be a master switch to disable Profile Posts in the ACP.
For anything like this your best bet is to firstly search to see if it's already been suggested by someone else, and if not post your idea into the suggestions forum - others might agree and "like" it - which might get some attention from the developers. (y)