RM 1.1 Disable paid resources


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Hey guys,

Is there any way I can completely disable the paid function from the RM? I aim to provide only free resources so that paid option doesn't suit this at all.


Tracy Perry

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It can be configured on a per category basis when editing a category:

Just a short search and saved me from having to ask a question. Am looking at grabbing this for my Linux site and use it as a distribution link for the different distro's of Linux/BSD out there and don't have the space to host all of it locally and wanted to be able to restrict to external URL's only. Looks like I'm about to grab a license for a site that has almost no users (but one can hope can't one :p) and start linking resources.

EDIT: Purchased (even though it will have to be renewed in about 4 months) and now time to start putting the the links up. Dang, have even thought of more than just the distro's to use it for (sample scripts, etc).
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