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XF 1.1 Disable links?


Well-known member
Hi all

Is there a way to disable all links posted by a particular usergroup in a particular node or nodes? Remove the automatic parsing of links or replace them with something else?

We have a forum where members post anti-virus logs and by nature of the content, these sometimes include links to "dodgy" sites.



Well-known member
Yes, thanks. We considered that but in that forum all members are noobs and they simply wouldn't comply.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Why do you want to disable them?
All links other than those posted by staff are nofollow anyway.

You could try asking your users to use the code or plain tags.


Well-known member
Thanks Brogan. Unfortunately, this is an Adsense ToS issue, so I'm not sure the nofollow rule works. Indeed, I'm not even sure that links in /code boxes would comply. We try and get all members to post the logs as attachments but they go back for years and for years they were just pasting them into threads.


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I have also considered that, thanks Brogan. Unfortunately, we use Shawn's DP Ads plugin and as we haven't (can't yet) upgraded to 1.2, we can't use the latest version of the addon.

A right pickle, you might say...