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As a user I would like to disable avatars as they slow down page loads and are hideous. Please add this as a user option similar to disabling signatures which I have also disabled.

This should be so easy to do and would be such a quick performance win.


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Hi. Thank you for the prompt response.

That is not the same thing as I suggested. That is asking for the admin to disable avatars for all users. I am asking for it to be a per-user feature. I do not want the admin to disable them for everyone, I want individual users to be able to disable them for themselves, like they can on vBulletin and literally every other forum software.

And yes I know about the thread from 2010 which is so out-dated it is not worth linking to.

Chris D

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It results in the same response, unfortunately. There are no plans to add any option, user based, admin based, style based or otherwise to disable avatars.

The explanations for that are made clear in the thread above:
Generally speaking, I would say this isn't something we would plan to do. We use avatars as an important identifying feature in various places (including situations where we just use an avatar).