XF 1.3 Directory like part

I want to make a tab that's like a directory site, listing various businesses and reviews/comments about them.

Should I go with the "Resources" addon or there is more appropriate one?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
The Resource Manager may work. You could post file-less resources, one for each business. Then users can post reviews.

Or you could create a review forum with one thread per business. Reviews would be replies to the threads.

Tracy Perry

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The showcase addons seems to be perfect for the job!
Didn't know about it, thank you Tracy!
No problem. @Bob B hit it WAY out of the ballpark with that add-on. With a little work it can be modified to be a Garage, A review section and much more more. It's WELL worth the money and there is a new BETA out that is pretty much a complete code rewrite from what it was.