Digital Point Image Proxy

Digital Point Image Proxy [Paid] 1.0.4

No permission to buy ($75.00)
DP, When my subscription on your Forum expires and I didn't renew it.
Do you still give support on this thread?
and Will I still be able to have the future update of the addon (new files/xml)?
$25 USD per month just for this addon is a pain for me.
Hope you understand.
Thanks !
@RoldanLT; basically... you can cancel your membership (via PayPal) to stop the monthly $25 charge, you can use the add-on for as many sites as you want (as long as you own them) and for as long as you want. However, if there's an update and you want access to that update, you'll need to pay another $25 to get access to it.
The $75 is an arbitrary number and isn't intended to ever be bought for that... There just is no mechanism currently in our digital goods marketplace to disallow selling to non-premium members. It's intended just as a benefit for premium members.

Premium membership is $25 for a single month, can be canceled right away and also gives you access to the other addons I made that are premium member benefits (for example the master/slave database setup). There is no end date on anything, and what you get during your premium membership month can be used indefinitely.

If a year from now (or whenever) there's a new version that you want because it has some awesome feature, you *would* need to be a premium member to get the update. But either way, the $25 cost for a single month is an indefinite license for as many sites as you own.
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I enabled this add-on and the externally-hosted images wouldn't display. When I disabled the addon they displayed again. I checked the image/proxy URL and it appeared to be as intended.

What do I need to enable in php to allow the images to download?
Strange... not really sure without it kicking back any sort of error. If you wanted to give me temporary FTP access to your PHP files, I could write some debugging code to trace what exactly is not happening for you.
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I haven't got this working yet so I would like a debug script if possible as well.
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