XF 1.5 Different Styles for different user groups ?

Hi all,

I do not want to make any changes to Default Style.

So, lets say, I create a Child style and make all custom changes to it.

Now, I want Members group & Guests group to view the website in Child style by default (They should not be able to view/switch to Default Style.)

I want to the Admin & Moderators group to view the website in Default Style (They should be able to switch to Child style if they wish).

How this can be done ?


XenForo moderator
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Only administrators can view disabled styles - it would require an add-on or custom development to allow moderators to do so.

There may be a third party add-on related to style permissions - I seem to recall seeing one.
I am ok with Only administrators group viewing the Default Style.

And all other user groups should be viewing the Child Style ONLY. (They should not be able to switch to Default Style.)

That is possible. Right ?

Just enabling Child Style and disabling Default Style will solve the problem ?