"development" menu in ACP


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You must admit that, as a newbie, the relationship between this menu and the "debug mode" is not obvious :) Maybe you should add a line in the FAQ telling that this also enables this menu :)


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I'll add it to the FAQ but in all honesty I think it's only ever been asked once before.


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I see your point ; this is the opposite of a FAQ :)
It's just that it's very different from VB, where the debug mode is mostly a bunch of stats, so it may be useful to explain this difference somewhere...

Seems like dev is mostly done by people who are on the XF bandwagon since beta times, for us wannabee-devs, it's a whole world to discover :)


That's not true.

You had to enable the debugmode in vB, to be able to access masterstyle (to create own templates) and to associate the templates & mods to add-ons ;)


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Maybe it s because i never used >3.7 but i never saw such a thing :) If it was already there, I never used it :) Sorry if this is now mainstream :)