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ehh... even 3 weeks is pushing it... my problem is my HUGE clientbase and the fact that they're demanding... i miss more deadlines than i should and people get real upset over it... and when the client comes screaming and threatening and swearing, i get very upset myself and overreact.
An update on the 2 addons he's doing. He's finished one of the addons in two and a half weeks. He's been more than helpful building this and always informs me of better ways of doing the project. He doesn't take the easy ways to quickly finish the addons.

I've payed 5/6s of the amount of the entire project and he's still working on it. Answers me everyday with am update on ehat he's working on. Looking forward to the last addon and continuing to work with him in the future. After reassurance I have full faith in him and will continue to front him money in installments and pay first.


OK, I have hired viaBowl a.k.a divisionbyzero (In this thread and found him on, same username Divisionbyzero) to do massive amounts of work, both custom and "run of the mill".

I needed help with my vB5 "Pro" install, and he eventually got that massive P.O.S. to work, but steered me towards XF from the very begging of our interaction. I joined here at the very beginning (on XF, I belive) and have not posted much but searching him here to leave some positive feedback found this.

I do not know what your situation is or was, but I am 100% satisfied thus far. Christopher has gone above and beyond on all levels.

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Although quoted 2 to 3 weeks to complete both addons, he completed the first addon after 2 weeks. He told me he'd expect a litthe longer. The first addon was fantastic and was followed perfectly. At this point he had been paid 575/600 always stating he needed money asap. He promised to finish the rest in a week and I'd be the number 1 priority.

We kept in contact for the new week and a half. Mid January came and I asked for an update and if it will be complete soon as my year was up on my server and was looking to switch out of the contract. He told me one week max. 3 days later he told me he was unavailable for the project due to paypal issues and offered me a full refund and let me keep the first addon free of charge for the trouble. If I wanted to continue then I'd have to repay via bitcoin which I am uncomfortable doing as I don't know the protection for services.

Would have liked to continue work but says he can only do small projects at this time to pay off paypal. Please let me know when you are available for work again as I enjoyed your thought process and problem solving


the problem with paypal, and I think most freelancers would agree, is that they limit accounts based solely on the numbers of cases opened. And so I've decided to stop using them and go solely with bitcoin and a traditional merchant account (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, TeleCheck).

There's no recourse a buyer can take with bitcoins: once you send them, they're gone forever. And so, I only take small projects where my investment is minimal and I can easily tell someone that they can pay me once it's all over and done with. Much easier that way.
Rehired Viabowl to try and finish my project. Project suppose to be completed tommorow. Paid him $half up fromt and half upon completion. Have not heard from him in a week. He said should be completed for tommorow. Will update this tommorow.


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I simply don't get how some people has the conscience to scam other people like this. What is wrong with you? Furthermore viaBowl you mention you missed several deadlines and have many deadlines that may/may not overlap one another, why take up that many tasks if you cannot follow through? You are the reasons people are hesitant about freelancers really .....
His alias: ViaBowl, Divisionbyzerio, Christoper Candler.

His actual name <removed by moderator>. For anyone dealing with him in the future don't trust this man.
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ehh... even 3 weeks is pushing it... my problem is my HUGE clientbase and the fact that they're demanding... i miss more deadlines than i should and people get real upset over it... and when the client comes screaming and threatening and swearing, i get very upset myself and overreact.
Hey Chris,

If those are your explanations, then I think the lesson learned here is to not take on new work when you're not capable of handling it. And anybody that's been waiting should simply get their refund. If you're declining from returning money for work that is pending and has never been done, or simply is unfinished outside of reasonable time.. call it an acceptable loss and value your reputation more and return the money. The attitude of unsatisfied customers will only grow otherwise and you end up ignoring the whole world, having police reports against you, payment gateways with open cases full of disputes, etc. Obviously you can realise this isn't the way of freelance business.

Best of luck reconsidering your actions and doing the right thing. I do appreciate it that you came here and tried to give an explanation. I can also see why people would start to distrust your explanations. If I would try to help someone with freelance work and it doesn't work out because of them, or because of me. I have a final email conversation with them explaining their two options and giving a one time option to get their money back for work unfinished. This will help you long term and helps you turn those losses into profits later on when they come back for a second chance.

Looking forward to this thread taking a turn and people updating it with the great news that either their work got finished and delivered, got their money (partially) back and that you have stopped taking on an even bigger clientbase and are finishing those who are still in the queue.

Doing freelance work is supposed to be more than a fun hobby that puts food on the table - a professional service for an expertise skill. And not a way to get a quick buck short term. Learn from your mistakes and work towards 2017 ending on a good note.

I don't know who you are, how old you are and how new or experienced you are with writing custom stuff for things like XenForo, but to get better, to be more lucrative and be worth the money you ask for the service.. and to avoid disgruntled customers from contacting your clientbase in their own time, etc. I do suggest you do the right thing, customer support, delivering on time, building a positive reputation, etc. It's all part of freelance work.


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We've allowed this thread to run mostly for people to share experiences (and for the author to provide their side), but we can't allow private or personal details to be posted. (As usual, if you see this thing, please report it.)


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When i still was on vBulletin @viaBowl scammed me and there is a big amount of other users that he scammed, read this thread doesn't surprise me but there is a mistery that i never understood: this mistery is WHY, the most important resource about vBulletin's add-ons, protect him (rather, putting him into its staff) instead to ban him.
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