Dev tracker system

Hi everyone,

we are curently developping a forum and we need to develop a new feature, probably an addon and we need your help to make sure that we are doing it the best way and then we can give the chance to everyone to use it.

We need to make a request to get all the post of some specific Group User (let's say Dev post). With all that data we are going to highLight every single post from these Dev with the current thread. We also going to create a widget that is going to give to possibility to the logged user to jump between each Dev post in the current thread. Finally we are going to build a new page that will show every Dev post in order with the pagination.

With this it will became easy for our users to follow every action from our Dev team. We know that this is already existing, but with all our research we never found something like this on xenforo. So we are going to create it but we need to know if we should make these call with a new php file using the xenforo Framework or make some direct MySql ? We know that this is going to be a huge call so we are going to create some back process with cached data. We know by default Xenforo give us some data that can show GroupUser ID of the current post and make it different with Css but in this case it's just more than this. And we don't want to only highlight a thread if the post-author is a Dev but we want to highlight it whenever a Dev participate in it.

Something like the World of Warcraft's forum
dev Tracker section :
highlight thread:
jumping between each dev post :

with that system we are going to know every single Dev post, it will be just to put on place a new widget for the jumping system with some CSS for the hightlight.

So this is the idea what do you think about this? any advice?Should we use Xenforo Framework or MySql? If we are using Xenforo will it be too huge to load ?

We just want to make sure that we have looked at every possibility
Thank you