XF 2.2 Dev backup redirect issue


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I made a backup of the production site so I can use it as a development and testing.
When I go to the backup site, it will redirect to the production site since the site URL is set in the ACP. I can't log in the back up ACP since it's redirected.
I change the siteurl variable in the database directly to point to the backup URL but it still redirects to production site.

Any tips?
You can always log in to the ACP, regardless of the canonical setting.

Log in directly at site.com/admin.php.

You can also add something like this to the src/config.php file:

 $c->extend('options', function(\ArrayObject $options)
    $options->boardUrl = 'https://localhost/xf';
    $options->boardUrlCanonical = false;
    return $options;
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