Design of Thread View Pages

which thread view page screenshot do you like most

  • xenforo

    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • invision power

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • vbulletin

    Votes: 2 33.3%

  • Total voters


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First things first: There are lots of reasons why I switched my community with over 1 million posts to xenforo some years ago. I did write addons for vb3, vb4 as well as for xenforo and I have a very basic understanding how they work. But this topic is about design. Why about the thread view pages? Because they are the most visited pages at my forum, apart from my forum list page.


Xenforo in all its XenVetana beauty. Red part of pagination is redundant, you do understand you are on the first page and that 85 is the last one. You could also write "You are currently viewing the thread view". The first red marked line is most there for search engines I guess. Other than the thread start date, there is no additional information, just redundant one. The post area itself starts with the post (I like it!), all other screenshots here put in the date first.


Next to IPS. First line is redundant, at least it doesn't write another time in which forum you are. How many posts this topic is about is even pointed out three times here, which reminds me of the vbulletin 4 style. The post information is what I definitely do not like, First the lighter blue information line, then you think you are reading the post, but instead you see another line about when the author wrote it.


Today I saw vbulletin 5 connect and the style is good. I like it. Its very clean, the idea of entering a page number on pagination is great. The latest activity line (Posts, Latest activity) is an idea I totally not get in a linear flat thread view - if it's a threaded view it would be useful. Now this:

vbulletin search.PNG

The idea of inserting the comments to the post within the search result is nothing but great. I want that for every posts also in the regular xenforo thread view.
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