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Demo version - no style demo?

I just setup the demo version and it doesn't seem to have any template or style capabilities. Am I missing something? I really want to see how easy it is to configure the board.
Wow very nice forum software. The image loader works well copying from a URL or the gallery but is there a feature that will load from a PC and re-size? This is the number one complaint from users, how difficult it is to load an image to a galley of some description like photobucket, re-size it and then click on the image tab and paste a URL. This was a major consideration when purchasing vBulletin (although I might ask for my money back to purchase your software)

Social media is running away with the show because of easy of use and connectivity. If special purpose forms are to stay alive it is these features that will save it.
There seems to be two modes of image upload. One that is in the menu panel on the thread or post then another if you choose more options. Excellent feature.
I hate to monopolize your time but I'm working with the demo and need some sort of layout mat to know what I'm changing. Different forums have different terminology. If I want to install a header image, change the color scheme and things of that nature some sort of guide would help.