Deleting junk option


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I'm working on a project that will have a template in the ACP options. Actually it will be text about setting permissions for the product and won't set any usable value so I gave it a option id of "xxxxxxxxxxx". I don't know what I did wrong but the option doesn't show in the control panel I know it's still there because I can see it when I go to edit display. Since it doesn't show I can't edit it or delete it. I've found it in the database table xf_option and could delete it there but I'm wondering if I must modify some other table as well.

Or is there some other way to edit/delete this?

Also any advice about how to use a template?


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If you go directly to admin.php?options/edit-option/xxxxxxxxxxx (or whatever the option_id is), can you edit/delete it from there?


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Well, I got it figured out. The first problem was I misspelled the template name. Having fixed that, I found out you must have the edit link in your template. The lesson is don't just try


to see what happens. First find a working template in the admin templates and use it as a model.