XF 1.1 deleting double posts



i recently bought a new vb forum and converted it to xenforo.

When previous owner converted it to vbulletin from phpbb, it left too many double posts and they did not care about cleaning database at that time. Now i want to delete all double posts by users. can anyone tell me how can i do it.

i can find those post in phpmyadmin by matching timestamp,username,thread and post text but deleting from phpmyadmin is not a good idea as database has too many dependencies.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Of course the XenForo importer can't do anything about problems like this from a previous import.

If you have criteria you can use for matching double posts then it is possible to delete them. But you will need to write a custom script to process those posts using the appropriate datawriter (which takes care of dependencies). For threads you can use:


For posts you can use:


You can find examples of these datawriters in the code. You can post in this forum for specific programming questions:


Or you can post a request here if you need some one to write this for you: