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RM 1.1 Deleting a resource: hard or soft?

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
When I click on delete in Resource Tools in the RH sidebar of a resource, sometimes I get the option to hard or soft delete (expected) but at other times I get no option, just "delete" which seems to hard delete.

I would expect to always get the option.

What is causing this difference please?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
If you don't get an option, then it would likely be a soft deletion, rather than hard.

Soft deletion is usually accompanied by a reason, whereas a hard deletion wouldn't have a reason. So, if you see just the ability to enter a delete reason, that will be a soft deletion.

The difference is likely in permissions. It is possible that you have the hard delete permission in some categories but not in others.

Mr Lucky

Well-known member
OK, thanks will look into that.

It seems it was hard delete though. Also I don't understand why some resources have this and not others, which give the option.