As designed Deleted Users "Likes"


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This thread had likes from a deleted user (floris). The original username was showing before the post was liked again recently. After it was "Liked", the following text shows in place of the username.


This may be intentional, however it seems quite inconsistent regardless.
I have reported this as inconsistent a long long time ago and Mike improved on it.
However on a deleted user, it still works/looks a bit strange..... I would want to get rid of the text "deleted user" as it does not look inviting to show other members that a user has left my community.....
I was just thinking the same - if the user account is deleted, is there any need to keep the likes? Can't they simply be removed?
It depends on cases. Each post has a likes field, that store total like count for that post. It's complicated to subtract this count if some liked user is being deleted. It is possible but maybe they avoid this. The same case if an custom addon is using likes, XF cannot subtract this field for this addon (as currently) so "deleted user" is here to handle that.
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