Lack of interest Deleted post placeholder (indicator) as to not break perceived continuity of threads

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When deleting posts, especially from those that want accounts/all posts to be removed, it would be helpful to add a marker in the post position letting users know content has been removed. One main reason admins are hesitant to remove posts in discussions is continuity. At least if a discussion is broken, a deleted post "placeholder" lets them know why, and makes reading easier. A simple message like:

Post #8 here
[Content removed on 5/3/2021 1:11 PM]
Post #10 here

When post #9 is removed.
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That would be a good idea. And just thinking about it a little, it's probably not all that hard. Moderators can already see a deleted post placeholder. A variation on that, using some conditionals in the template to check for permissions (with perhaps a new permission to allow it for public display), would work.

It would also help if it were selectable by the staff during post deletion--there are some posts that are removed that don't really need a notice (like spam).
Another issue is allowing users to delete posts and other users wondering where posts went. Some admins allow this, some don't. This isn't a debate about that, but if there were a placeholder, I would be more inclined to allow it. A lot of users expect this from social, or request it. The placeholder would only help this.

Post #8 here
[Wildcat Media removed a post]
Post #10 here

I'm only expecting it to be one line similar to an alert message or notice, and as you stated, the container is there since the post actually exists and is hidden. As far as removing spam or double posts, I don't see a real issue with the space this takes up or the message as it is still informative, and if hard deleted, I am assuming this function would not exist since the container would be removed so that would be fine since most hard deletions are not actual content. It could have a date limit like post history or other features. 180 days from the removal date or whatever, and, for mods, it could have the option to not show it like you suggested.
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