XF 1.5 Deleted member

In the likes info now I see "You, OtherUser and (deleted member) like this."

Who is deleted member? the only admin in my forum its me and I dont deleted anyone. How can I know who this (deleted member) is please?


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There isn't really a way to know. It could be down to users being merged. If you did an import, that could be related.

Alternatively, it could be a bug with the like count, though that's not something we've ever had reports of before.


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Sorry to bump an old post, but I am not getting this on every post which has likes on it.
As soon as you click like, it says "You, (deleted member) and (deleted member) like this" - I reset the table 'likes' but now it's happening again.
Any ideas? I'm stumped on this one.
I confirm this is happening (XenForo 1.5.11).

No users are banned, deleted or merged, no any kind of import/export, no any messing with data via plugin or low level SQLs. Admin/Mod/User logs show nothing of that sort, but "(deleted member)" as user who liked content appears.

Cache rebuilding did not help.

What could be the reason? Can it be related to performance? Or liking, then unlinking and some kind of data desynchronization?
The manual fix is to lower the counter in "likes" column of "xf_post" table to match the user list in "like_users" field (stored as JSON).
Unfortunatelly I have MySQL 5.5 which doesnt have yet JSON functions (available in 5.7), so I would have to think a bit for a nice query.

@AndyB thx for the plugin link!