Delete User and his Posts



Please help me on this issue.

I have a user which asks for a complete deletion and wipe out of his account and posts.

I do not find an option for "mass-delete".
The only way I can figure out is to delete annual post after post after post.

Thx for your ideas!



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I suppose you could run an SQL query (in phpmyadmin) to delete all posts by that userid in the database, but that would most likely affect caches and stuff would need to be rebuilt.

So.. before using this query I would wait to see if someone responds with a better answer.. (note.. i haven't even looked in the xenforo ACP for an answer)

DELETE * FROM xf_post WHERE user_id = 'CHANGEME'
again.. please take a backup before doing this.. and also be VERY careful when performing queries on the database. One typo and you could erase the whole post table, not good.


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An easier way to do it is to temporarily remove the criteria from the Spam Cleaner and run it against them.
You can then delete the user via the ACP.

Be aware though that any posted content and Likes will remain.
There is no way to remove this.
You can mitigate this somewhat by doing a username change and cache rebuild before deleting the user.

Don't forget to reset the Spam Cleaner criteria.