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Delete Predefined Usergroups..??


Well-known member
Is it possible to delete the usergroups " Unregistered/Unconfirmed , Registered & Moderating " as I am wanting to make " Elite Members " usergroup the default when a member joins, so there is no reason to have the other usergroups. No Moderating will be needed as the group is a few friends clubbing together to share the running costs of the server via a membership subscription system.
Only 2 Groups needed , Admin & Elite Members.

So on payment of the subscription they get assigned Elite Member status..



Well-known member
Damn Brogan that's a kick in the nads.:cry:

Was kind of hoping it could be possible somehow..drat & double drat..

Thanks for the fast feedback though..(y)



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Just rename Registered to Elite Members and don't use the groups you don't wish to.

Their existence won't affect what you want to do.