User promotion question: promotion for members of two existing usergroups?


I've searched and can't find this scenario discussed anywhere.

We have always had a paid membership level of "Lifetime" which we decided to "archive." We are not eliminating that level or its benefits, we just turned it off for new signups, so all of those users are still in the "Lifetime" usergroup.

I have created 2-year (silver) and 5-year (gold) paid memberships with discounted costs to replace that, along with our normal 1-year paid membership, all with the same benefits (the benefit to the user is the discounted cost for the longer-term upgrades). The two new upgrades are working fine.

I have created a "Benefactor" usergroup, the intention is to recognize those people who are BOTH legacy Lifetime members and who are current with one of the three annual memberships (paid annual member, Silver 2-year or Gold 5-year).

I would love for this to be fully automated. I am aware I can manually upgrade users one-by-one but then I have to maintain that if they let the annual membership lapse.

I knew about promotions, but never used them. I'm trying to figure out how to create a promotion that would move a user to "Benefactor" when they are in both Lifetime and one of the other three paid membership groups. When I look at promotions, I see "User is a member of ANY of the selected user groups:" but what I need is "User is a member of ALL of the selected user groups:"

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do here that doesn't involve a ton of custom code (I'm, at best, an average experience Xenforo admin and don't want something that could break and have to be redone with later updates.)
To be clear, being in the legacy "Lifetime" usergroup is already set and is a prerequisite for becoming a "Benefactor."

Not all Lifetime members will be Benefactors and not all new annual memberships will be Benefactors. It's only the combination of the two that I'm trying to reward with the upgrade.
How many members are there?

The user group promotion criteria doesn't allow for that use case but you could do it by creating a custom user field for those members which is not visible to or editable by them, and then manually updating the field for them.

Then you can use that as an additional criterion for the promotion.
So if I understand you, I'd need to create that custom field for all the Lifetime members, then the upgrade criteria becomes one of the paid annual memberships along with that custom field. Is it possible to bulk edit the Lifetime members to add that custom field?

There are 172 Lifetime members.
Is it possible to bulk edit the Lifetime members to add that custom field?
Unfortunately not.

It's a one off task though so it's not too onerous although it will require quite a few clicks ...

Once the custom field is created, you just check the box for each member (in the ACP, or a moderator can do it if the field allows it).


Set up the field like this:

Appreciate the help, thank you. Took the brute force approach of adding the field and editing all of those users to add it. I also went ahead and let it display on their user profile. Seems like this would be a really easy option to add to promotions by adding two checkboxes for "any" or "all" with regards to the usergroup selections in the promotion setup.

Given that all of the other things you select will be used with AND logic, it seems to only make sense that usergroups would have the same option to me.
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