XF 1.3 Delete phrase or revert it?


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So, on with the import... I have a question. I've imported the spanish language, since my community is 99% composed of spanish members, and i've compared the total of phrases in english and spanish. In english, there is 5238 and in spanish, there's 5239 phrases. I did a quick research and found that the phrase


is the one that is found on the spanish language but not in the english language. I've checked the outdated phrases to see, and the list is empty.

I'm too perfectionist and if that phrase is there for nothing, then i want to do something. So, what should i do, delete it or revert it. And what is revert anyways?



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Delete and revert are the same thing here.

That phrase is simply one that was removed from the default code, so it's just that your translation still has it. You should be able to revert/delete it without issue.