Not a bug Delete forum in category will delete all posts


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Deleting a forum will delete all the threads within it -- this is noted on the delete page. However, it shouldn't touch anything outside that forum and I don't see any reason why it would (nor can I reproduce it).

How many threads were in the forum?

In terms of backups, we could really only recommend restoring full backups. There are many related tables and pieces of data that are intertwined.
I didn't delete any forum that have posts. It empty forum but xenforo delete all post of all my forum.
I don't know why :D
I trying to restore.
My old DB is xen 1.1. How about the solution that upgrade to 1.2 Beta then import only posts and thread to 1.2.2 forum?
I upgrade my old forum 1.1 to 1.2.2 and then I import post from this forum to current forum.
Everything ok now.
But when I delete the same node. I have same problem. It will delete all my posts.
I think Xen 1.2.2 had problem with delete empty node.