XF 2.2 Delete Draft doesn't work as expected


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I don't know if this is a bug, or if this is just something not working as expected.

We've just converted from vBulletin, and a lot of members are missing the 'cancel' button. Mainly because of the Draft functionality leaves stuff in the reply box, even when you leave the page.

(I know there is a suggestion for a cancel button, but this is slightly different, However feel free to remove if not)

I don't want to remove the draft functionality as I think it is really useful. However, when you come back to a reply that you've previously started, I would expect that the Delete Draft option in the drop-down floppy disk menu, would remove the text in the box. Instead it just stays there. I have replicated this on here, which makes me think it is not a bug, and working as intended, but I think for most people, they would think 'delete draft' would actually delete the draft.
It's behaving correctly.

It's designed to delete the copy of the draft on the server, and doesn't intend to clear the editor contents.

After deleting a draft you can refresh the page to see it should no longer be there.
Browser can cache input contents for simple page refreshing. Try via CTRL + F5.

Yes, but for the average forum user, pressing delete draft, and having the contents of the draft remain in the edit box, and then still remain in there after refreshing would appear that it is a bug. I think most people would expect 'delete draft' to actually remove the draft from the edit box.
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