Delete all smilies at once?


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Not sure if I asked this one before, but what is the best way to bulk delete smilies from the Admin CP?
I'm sure they'll update this in the future, but in the meantime:

How do you delete more than one smiley at a time?

We really need a way to mass delete smilies in the ACP. I deleted the file from the DB but I am having to indivdually delete nearly 150 smilies one by one - taking 4ever. :rolleyes:
  1. Use phpmyadmin
  2. Go to the xf_smilies table
  3. Press browse to show the data, rather than structure
  4. At the bottom of the page set it to display more than 30 rows if needed
  5. Shift and tick to select multiple rows at once
  6. Press the delete button at the bottom.
There may be a maximum number of rows you can select at once, so if it looks like it hasn't ticked all rows in your range, it will have selected as many as it can, so just delete and repeat.
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So far this has been a huge help to me, the information provided here so thank you....I've been able to remove what feels like thousands of unnecessary smilies with little pain. :D

Does anyone know a good SQL query to say move smilies from category 2 to category 1? That will end my standoff with smilies.

I am looking at emojione -- I'd like to redo the smilies at some point with a bit more attention paid to detail to ensure they are all imported as they should be, proper size and proper I am not stuck going back in and 'fixing' them one by one.

The Emojione site is nice, but they come as PNG files with no XML or data to upload with them to establish settings -- I guess meaning I'd have to sit and set each one, one by one, as it imported...

Does anyone know of a better place or way to accomplish adding a bulk amount of emojis...should I go down that road again? I use XF2.

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