XF 1.3 delete all messages by a spammer


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had a spammer get through and blast 500 messages on my forum today.

how can i delete them and ALL their messages in the fastest way possible?


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i'm logged in as an admin, but when i click on his profile card, there's no spam management options.

i've pressed YES on every option for the admin group.

also have most things enabled in the spam management options screen.

this doesn't show up for me...



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As it explains on the help page, you may need to change the criteria in the ACP.

It's also a moderator function, not administrator.


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not sure what criteria to change.

logged in as admin, all permissions in admin group are set to "allow" .

spam management options are pretty much set at default or all yes.

i cleared caches to see if that helped.

i still get this...



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no luck.

added myself as super moderator, enabled all permissions. created a new user, added as moderator, all permissions a go - no luck.

for some reason, i can't get the spam control options to appear.


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figured that, but i can't figure out where.

i created two super moderators, with all permissions enabled...can't get the spam tool to appear.


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i tried to ensure literally everything is set to yes/allow for the admin, then added it as a super moderator too.

i'm not exactly sure where else to look.


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oh. my. bad word here. god.

i had a digit set to 0 and my font is so small that i didn't see the message regarding limits set to zero will not show the spam option.

thanks a TON for helping me.

Appreciate it.
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