XF 2.2 Viewing "messages" by user produces only threads started, not all posts made


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I have a test forum running which has been imported from my current VB forum.

When I click on the number of "messages" for a user the resulting list is only threads started by the user, not all posts made by them.

Here on XF the resulting list is all posts and threads started, which is what I would expect.

Is there a setting somewhere that I tweaked to change the results of this search?

Do you see the 'Complete import' message on the import screen?

If so, then the relevant caches have not been rebuilt - clicking that will finalise the import and rebuild everything as required.

If that has been done, try rebuilding threads and the search index again.
Tools > Import Data does not have any message about "Complete import".

I will check with the developer. I know he is still working on Photopost and other 3rd party imports, so I don't want to mess up his process by rebuilding the cache without asking first.

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