XF 1.4 delete account - didn't delete user threads/posts

I deleted UserX account but I still can see UserX posts in the forums. I expected the system to remove those posts but that's not the case. Those post now show with UserX name as a 'guest'. How do I find and remove all of these posts?


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There is text which tells you the content won't be deleted:

It's not possible to delete the content after you have deleted the member, you should delete the content first.
Looks like the WILL NOT wasn't clear enough. LOL. Too bad there is no way to do that after you delete the user. Would be a good feature to have.

In the future, what's the best way to delete the content first?


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Batch Update Threads will delete all threads.

The Spam Cleaner will delete all content (although it's not strictly designed for that).

Harpers Tate

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My recommendation here would be to never actually delete accounts.
Instead, depersonalise them (change username, remove data) as necessary, and ban them.
It then leaves them in place as a key to find and/or manage content. And as a point of reference in case the deleted account re-appears