XF 2.2 Delays on emails after approving user accounts


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I'm soft launching a new site and inviting a few users at a time to join. Some are being talked through the registration process live on zoom for user testing and feedback.

Most emails are pretty instant for existing users, and for the initial email confirmation email. However once we manually approve their account (every user is manually approved) there's frequently a long delay before they get that email.

Is there any reason XF may be taking a long time for that? Or is it an issue with our sending?
Thanks Brogan, we worked it out.
The person doing the approvals was changing the status of new users from pending to approved in the ACP at the same time as giving them all the right permissions and apply user upgrades at registration (they’re digitising offline subscriptions), rather than doing all the use group stuff in the ACP, then going back to the moderation que after and approving the account that way. So emails weren’t being sent at all.

All working properly again now :)
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