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Define a category for a forum

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Daniel-SP, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Daniel-SP

    Daniel-SP Active Member

    Hello guys

    My company network has some restrictions for some categories and I would like to discover how do I define the category for my forum.

    For example, I have normal access to Xenforo Forums and now they just blocked mine saying its "none" category. Another example is: I can't access PokerStarts.net because its from "Gambling" category.
  2. Nobita.Kun

    Nobita.Kun Well-Known Member

  3. DragonFlames

    DragonFlames Active Member


    I don't get how that paid for resource deals with your question. I can make a different guess at what you are talking of and comment on that... if I am not helping please just ignore me.

    It sounds like when you are at work your firm wants you to spend any computer time doing productive work for the company. It therefore blocks access to all manner of things not connected with work. You mention gambling and your own Web site. I expect social networking sites are blocked and so on too, as people waste so much time playing with such things when they are being paid to work.

    If your Web site is something you should be getting paid to look at then you would normally just chat to your IT dept. and ask them to classify it as something that they allow. They will look at the site of course, to see what they want to classify it as. At present 'none' probably means they think it has nothing to do with their business/work.

    If your Web site has nothing to do with work and you should not be looking at it whilst being paid to work then you may need to ask if there is a period of the day when these restrictions do not apply, like during lunch, or after 5pm... you may be in luck on that as at times folks will want to check their bank or book their holiday or pay a bill and some firms may allow it at certain times. Another way around this sort of thing is to use a smartphone or similar to look at your Web site.

    You could go all the way and setup a hotspot using your phone and connect your computer to it or whatever. Most firms would consider firing someone who did that though to get around their controls designed to keep them working. Likewise with finding other ways of getting to your own Web site if your firm wants you just doing the work they pay you for.

    As I say, please just ignore me if I am guessing wrongly or whatever.

  4. Daniel-SP

    Daniel-SP Active Member

    Read my post again, mate.. Its regarding the forum category and not inside forum.

    Let's stay away for the reasons I have to access or not my website. It don't really matter for anyone here.

    I'm here just asking for help if someone can show me a how to categorize my forum.

    If its a worng section I would like to ask for any mod to move it. please.
  5. Nobita.Kun

    Nobita.Kun Well-Known Member

    I think its similar the way you want to do. I just give suggestion not extractly you want.
  6. SamL

    SamL Active Member

    You can't control how they categorize your forum within their own restriction zones. It's not a matter of simply typing information into a category field or similar. They restrict your site either by seeing that someone has visited it from their internal network and viewing it to give it a classification, or they subscribe to an automated list of site classifications. But neither of those can be defined by you.

    The only recourse you might have is to ask your IT department that it be re-evaluated. But, unless it's work-related they will probably take a very dim view of doing that, much as they would the poker site.
  7. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    Hello @Daniel-SP, as you've discovered, any websites that are uncategorised will usually be blocked in more stricter corporate internet proxies. Your work's internet proxy is probably using the SmartFilter database.. try this online tool to verify that. There are also a few others in the list, SiteAdvisor and WebWasher that you can check..

    Once you've verified it's uncategorised you can submit a "category suggestion" for your forum.
  8. DragonFlames

    DragonFlames Active Member

    I wasn't suggesting we needed to know details. I was guessing what your problem was and suggesting ways around it. Lots here will have been in your sort of position. Talking to IT and having them add your Web site to their allowed stuff would seem likely to be by far the easiest way to solve your problem... and perhaps the only way. If it is a harmless site they should not care about, and you can justify it by mumbling about using it to get files transferred to you or some vague business use you'd hope they might help you.

    I've worked in firms with massive IT setups and I've always found it best to get to know the IT dept. They can help such a lot, and you may also be able to help them.. they may want to open a forum sometime and who might they come to if you are known to them as a friendly forum expert, and so on.

    Someone has guessed what may be the case and suggested what you might do to make that work for you. Knowing what category to get into, and having your site seen by the World as 'that type of site' sounds like a challenge and I will be amazed if you get your site working at the office via this route as the office system should not be that simple to get round. Please do say if you do manage it... and please say if you take the easier route of talking to IT about getting your site added to their system as OK to view.

    I don't know where you are in the World but a lot of firms seem to now monitor Internet usage, and if you are found using your personal Web site during work time you could be in trouble anyway...even if you manage to get it viewable.

    As you control your Web site I'm not sure if you would be better to create something that gives you whatever it is you seek. Say you are keen to see all new messages during the day... why not have your system email them all to your phone... simple, and you know exactly what is going on without needing to logon or even use a computer.

    Hope the thoughts help at least a little.. and I hope you manage to sort this out.

  9. Daniel-SP

    Daniel-SP Active Member

    I think they are using another library. I have checked it and its set as "Categorized URL - Forum/Bulletin Boards" .. So I think they are using another one

    Thanks for the help.

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