XF 2.2 Default XenForo phrases


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Ok, normally new phrases are placed in src/addons/XF/_data/phrases.xml
I'm adding new 2 phrases to catch errors in missing vendors during setup of application
<phrase title="super_admin_access_required" version_id="2000020" version_string="2.0.1"><![CDATA[You must have a super admin privileges for this action!]]></phrase>
<phrase title="required_php_class_x_not_found" version_id="2000020" version_string="2.0.1"><![CDATA[Required class {class} not found. Please verify your vendor data and try again]]></phrase>

But the problem is that during installation if it have missing classes, instead of displaying phrase required_php_class_x_not_found data, it's just showing required_php_class_x_not_found error message.

Are default Xenforo Phrases like php_version_x_does_not_meet_requirements placed somewhere else?