Default values when creating an add-on

Jake B.

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Enter an ID for this add-on: Foo/Bar

Enter a title: Some add-on that does things

Enter a version ID. This integer will be used for internal version comparisons. Each release of your add-on should increase this number:  1000011

Version string set to: 1.0.0 Alpha 1

Does this add-on supersede a XenForo 1 add-on? (y/n) n
Should this add-on be enabled? (y/n) y

Add-on created successfully. Should the addon.json file be written out to /Users/jakebooher/Sites/xf2/src/addons/Foo/Bar/addon.json? (y/n) y

The addon.json file was successfully written out to /Users/jakebooher/Sites/xf2/src/addons/Foo/Bar/addon.json

Does your add-on need a Setup file? (y/n) y

Does your Setup need to support running multiple steps? (y/n) y
So for the most part, the first 3 questions make sense without a default value (arguably, even having 1000011 for the version ID could potentially make sense)

But for the rest IMO there should be a default value, and the values I used when creating this example are pretty much identical to every other add-on I've created (with the possible exception of "Does this add-on supersede a XenForo 1 add-on?" which I think makes sense to default to no.

Bit of a silly suggestion since it would save a matter of seconds, but being able to press enter through all of them would definitely be nice :)