Not planned Default style selection in ACP

Jim Boy

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Can you make the changing of the default style not so easy?

We run a busy site and a couple of times an errant click of a mouse has led to the default style being changed unnoticed to something other than what it should, usually some test style which is definitely not for user consumption.

Having a confirmation process would make this safer, or at the very least, disallow non-user selectable styles from being the default style.

Jim Boy

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Ease of use should never be compromised within the software.
Thanks, although another general principle should be that you generally should not be able to do damage with a single click of a mouse. And whilst you might argue that changing a style wont do that, it can have knock-on effects which can. For example this morning I accidentally set the default style to a test version. I was flicking between templates as I was testing some functionality using {xen:helper dump} in the user_message_info template. This very quickly killed the site completely, I obviously didn't see the overlay message, and I would argue that this is almost a UI bug. As the default selector is hard up against the templates link, it is easy to press the wrong link inadvertantly, or in my case I think I did little double click and managed to hit both targets, which meant no overlay. This was further compounded by the fact that we run ACP off a different server that was unaffected so it took me even longer to notice. Even if I did notice it immediately, it is still a serious issue as we can have 100 page views a second at peak times, so even a few seconds on wrong style is bad news for us.

Having said all of that, happy with the bug report. I didn't report it as a bug as I figured that people may want the default style to be non-selectable. For example someone may decide that they want guests to see a particular style that wouldn't be available to regular users. I know that there are other, better ways of doing this.