XF 2.2 Style Selection List option for addon help

I know how to get a selection list option for installed addons with a named template and the code below.
But is there a way this can be accomplished with a selection list of installed styles?

<xf:set var="$addOnRepo" value="{{ $xf.app.em.getRepository('XF:AddOn') }}" />
<xf:formrow label="{$option.title}" hint="{$hintHtml}" explain="{$explainHtml}" html="{$listedHtml}" rowclass="{$rowClass}">
    <xf:select name="{$inputName}" value="{$option.option_value}">
        <xf:option value=""></xf:option>
        <xf:foreach loop="{{ $addOnRepo.findAddOnsForList().fetch() }}" value="$addOn">
            <xf:option value="{$addOn.addon_id}">{$addOn.title}</xf:option>
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