As designed Default Sort Order list does not include all options

Lord Squishy

Active member
If you go into AdminCP -> Applications -> Node Tree -> Edit Node -> Forum Options, the default sort order includes the following options:

  • Last Message
  • Start Date
  • Title
  • Replies
  • Views
However, if you're already in a forum, the options under Thread Display Options are:
  • Last Message Time
  • Thread Creation Time
  • Title (Alphabetical)
  • Number of Replies
  • Number of Views
  • First Message Likes
Besides being inconsistently worded, the Forum Options setting list is missing "First Message Likes" as a default sort option.


XenForo developer
Staff member
As it stands, I think this would be considered as designed. IIRC, it's because we have no visual indicator that you're sorting by the number of likes (and they're not displayed by default to give any indication what the sort option is).

Is this something you needed or did you just notice it wasn't there?

Lord Squishy

Active member
It wasn't something I thought I needed until I went hunting for custom sort options. I wanted to make a "suggestion box" forum and rather than have the normal bump-to-top (which could be gamed by the same people bumping the same thread over and over again, or having a lengthy discussion) I thought "first message likes" would be a good way to sort that forum by default.

@Xon mentioned to me that it was under Thread Display Options, and I thought, "hey great"... but it isn't a default option. I figured if it was available under Thread Display Options as a choice, it should also be available as a default (and also that the sort options should share the same naming scheme, since they do the same thing). It just felt very inconsistent.

You make a good point about the lack of obvious number of first likes. That might be an interesting thing to display in the thread list, actually.