XF 1.1 Default Moderating And Administrating Usergroup Permissions?


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I have screwed up my moderating and administrating usergroup permissions. Is there a chart somewhere to show what all the usergroup permissions are supposed to look like by default? I have been using Brogan's proper way of setting usergroup permissions chart and trying to fix the damage I wrought in the past when I didn't know any better.


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I thought we were supposed to stack the permissions? For instance, in General Permissions, they are all on Allow. I thought that anything that registered doesn't have, should be checked for allow on moderating. For instance, search is set to not set (no) but in moderating it would be set to Allow. But everything else on registered is set to Allow. On moderating only search would be set to Allow.


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That is correct.

The default settings are exactly that though - default.
You should always set them up for your specific requirements.