XF 2.2 Default Images to Thumbnails?


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Hi guys. I just completed a conversion from MyBB to Xenforo. I love every aspect of Xenforo so far!!

One question I have... When I'm replying to a thread and I use the "Insert Image" button to post a picture, it automatically inserts the picture in a full size format. Then I have to delete it from the editor and hit Insert > Thumbnail from the attachment it creates.

Is there any way to have it default to a thumbnail...? Or just not insert at all and the user would need to click the attachment to insert? I searched around in the ACP and didn't see anything. I also searched the forums a bit but most of what I see is people asking the opposite. I'm thinking it may be a template edit somewhere, but didn't see anything and am not familiar enough yet with where things are in the templates.

Example of what I do not want automatically happening...,



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It's my forum. My intent is not to have 10 scroll pages of massively large images.

I'm simply asking if there's a way to either remove that button or default it to thumbnail view?