Deep trouble, site migration trashed SQL file. Please help.

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So, when moving from GoDaddy to Nexcess, it seems the files moved, but the database did not. If I have to start over again, so be it. But this definitely is not in my wheelhouse and I am desperate for some help. Can anyone assist me in fixing this? Nexcess has done everything they can and XenForo says they don't do this. I have @250 USD sunk into this

Error message I am getting is 'An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.'.
You need to use phpMyAdmin in Godaddy's control panel (which is basically cPanel) to save a compressed copy of the Xenforo database to your PC. Then upload it through the new web server's control panel using phpMyAdmin there.

Make sure the database name, user id and password in Xenforo's /src/config.php file matches the new database name, user id and password.
I did do an update. Goodaddy is no longer in the picture at all. I basically have everything but the SQL apparently and I am way, way out of my depth.
Make sure the mysql database details on the server match what is in the src/config.php file.

Whoops looks like @MySiteGuy already mentioned it.
I don't know where to start with that. This is absolutely over my head. I can work on a forum system, but all this setup stuff is something I am frankly terrible at.
Is your GoDaddy account still able to be logged into (your hosting account, not the forum)? If so, then you need to export your forum database and save it. The bad thing is... you will probably have to use phpMyAdmin... and it's notorious for timing out. Once you have successfully saved that DB, then you simply import it into the DB for the site you are setting up on the new hosting and make sure that the credentials match. If you have already created a new DB for your new hosting site, you will need to drop that DB and then import your old one into it (making sure the config.php credentials match for the new DB).
If you need assistance (and the GoDaddy account is still valid) I can get with you via TeamViewer and you can log into your GoDaddy account and we can see if we can export that DB for you. Just let me know and we can start a convo. I'm usually up during the late night (US Central time) as I am
#1 - a person who has worked most their life during vampire hours
#2 - chasing after DSO captures due to my niche

BTW, if it's as simple as I think it is... there would be no charge. It shouldn't take that long to do and I can be working on other stuff at the same time.
Honestly though... if Nexcess is fully managed... they should be able to have done a simple panel -> panel transfer into their hosting environment.
I am not with GoDaddy. I no longer have access to them because I moved to another host, which is, a company I have used for twenty years. I don't have the money to change over to something else. Nexcess uses InterWorx, and we did get some movement, but we still get the same error. I am very close to changing gears to just wipe everything and start over from scratch.
I don't know where to start with that
So are you saying you closed your account with Godaddy but didn’t migrate or download the database. Maybe it is still worth getting in touch with them to see if they have a backup, even if it means temporarily creating an account there to get access to it.
I have a backup, did do that much. But there are issues in the migration itself. I am not savvy enough to understand what they are. I am waiting for one more reply on one of the tickets I have with Nexcess and then am going to decide what to do. I have been at this for fifteen hours straight and I am starting to think the only thing I can do is start from scratch. Pretty frustrating, but I would actually prefer that over ever dealing with GoDaddy again, they were that bad.
I am not with GoDaddy. I no longer have access to them because I moved to another host, which is, a company I have used for twenty years. I don't have the money to change over to something else.
If you were still within the "month" that you paid for.. you would have.. that's what I was trying to find out. You apparently let this lay fallow for a bit of time before pursuing it?
You stated you moved from GoDaddy to Nexcess... so one would assume that was recent, especially if this issue was slapping you so hard that your site was not running.
Have fun trying to figure it out... I withdraw my offer.
... wow. Why would you be so hurtful? Look, I am doing the best I can.
Not being hurtful... you keep changing the scenario... I have better things to do with my time than have to spend a few hours helping folks for free, like generating site content. At the worst, if you had your old hosting, we probably would be talking around an hour of actual time involvement.
Your original scenario that you outlined (assuming a recent migration) would be easy enough to resolve... waiting until the poo hits the fan is not... and waiting that long incurs costs because you "waited".
It's one more example of "I'm going to squeeze all I can out of what I paid then move and dump the old site right before my current one expires".... when maintaining that hosting on the old site (for probably no more than $10 USD) for an additional month would have paid off in the long run. It's commonly referred to as being penny wise, dollar dumb.
I have never stopped an old hosting plan until AFTER I confirmed that my move was successful.

My days of donating hours to helping others support XF are long gone (and XF developer attitude has a lot to do with that)... I don't mind helping out if it's an hour or so... but when you start reaching a certain level of complexity, then it's time to get ready to pay someone.
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... holy crow. HOLY CROW. ForumSolution... you saved my site!!! Folks, if you or someone you know is like me and has issues walking through stuff like what I had happen to me, ForumSolution is an absolute angel!! Less than an hour and the man has me up and rolling again! Here's another 'wow' from me, but this time it's 'good wow'!
Sometimes one simply has to be willing to let the "professionals" take over... I had a feeling it wasn't going to be anything major... but as I said.. I'm LONG past volunteering much of my time for free to the benefit of XenForo.
I'm not surprised it conflicted, because I don't know what I'm doing, LOL
It happens, and at least you were smart enough to try to obtain help.... normally I would have been happy to help.. but as I said... with the different "positions"... I simply didn't have enough time to spare in case it became a complex monster. As I stated... I don't have a lot of "spare" time now... so can't devote it to stuff I used to.
I will make a suggestion... if you ever DO plan to move to another hosting provider... keep your old site hosting for an extra month. Just because it it out there doesn't mean it will interfere with your new site once the DNS changes, but do put it in maintenance mode on the old hosting after moving for those slow DNS updates so nobody hits the old site and tries to participate there instead of the new hosting instance.
The benefit to doing this is it gives you somewhere to pull from in case your backups you created do not work out upon first migration.
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