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Hello everyone

I have a test site I am thinking of switching over to Xenforo and one of the features is posting Twitter Tweets.
I have a button in the BB code bar and once pressed you simply insert the twitter share link and the tweet inserts into the post displaying in its entirety.

Now I know you have a media button but I am hoping there is a way of adding a dedicated twitter button and removing most of the other BB code buttons.

The site is pretty well targeted and will mostly be discussing tweets so I want the BB Bar code to be very clean.

No links, no quotes, no larger fonts etc.

Basically: Bold, Twitter, Smilies and that is it.

Is that possible to do in Xenforo?
You can remove and reorganise the editor buttons to suit.

The media button can be reconfigured to only allow content from Twitter.

I am more looking for a button that has the twitter logo on it. What you are suggesting works but would not be intuitive to post a tweet because the icon is a picture/movie.

That said, I may eventually decide to leave that button active to post a video or something but a quick twitter button is what I am looking for.
There is no way to have a media button and a dedicated twitter button though right?
I was thinking just in case the odd person may want to post a different form of media.

I know it sounds weird but the site I am talking about is highly twitter oriented and I was hoping someone would have an extension or something available for a dedicated twitter button.
The button isn't required to post media.

Simply pasting the URL into the editor will resolve it to the appropriate embed.

I've never used the media button.
There is no way to have a media button and a dedicated twitter button though right?
I'ts definitly possible to build an Add-on to add a dedicated Twitter button, but really:
You are just complicating things.

Your users can just post URLs to tweets (or YouTube videos or whatever media you do configure); you do not need a dedicated Media or Tweet/Twitter button for this.
Yeah I see your point, it is hard to get over the twitter button once you've had it for a while.
It would actually be easier for you now with XF; instead of having members click a icon to insert the tweet link they can just paste straight into the editor.

View it as an enhancement as part of the migration rather than a feature loss. đź‘Ť
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