Decorating for the Holidays 2012? Show Us!

Is Your Community Decorated Festively for the Holidays?

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I don't celebrate "Christmas" anymore (due to my personal view its not biblical) however I used to decorate my forums yes:)

Love what you did with your forum though, only purple forum i like !


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Last year I did an "advent calendar" of sorts, from December 1st to December 31st, every day linked to one of my members website or similar. Not sure what I will do this year, probably not something that involve that much work.


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I might go for the classic snow effect and I might dress the logo up a tad. That's about it. I'll stick a christmas tree in with the logo probably, or a santa cap on the bull (my logo is in my sig).


Formerly MsJacquiiC
Started on an xmas style but it's still a w.i.p but i'll be designing a new xmas themed membercard using the helper spans and other ideas I have. View attachment 37120
Always interested in what you're designing. The style snippet looks sweet girl!
Nice idea too about the xmas themed membercard - I very well may edit mine to include a holiday theme.


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I will not be changing my site because I'm not a designer and I don't have money to hire one. ;)
Dunno if your still using xenforo Brandon but use the snow images I posted that are making use of the helper spans. It's minimal effort (zero template edits) and really adds to that xmas feel without spending any money.

Speaking of helper spans I'm making use of them and adding in a few more in the process. I'm aiming for a blizzard type scenario. :D



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An exposé on freakiness as it were...? LMAO
Is it wrong as soon as I remembered that an image of that poor walmart guy who loved stampedes popped into my head? As well as a site coordinator who couldn't coordinate his way out of a wet paper bag. :ROFLMAO:

Back on topic - Yeah, xmas touch to my site i'll be adding stuff. :D