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Hey guys,

So... because I am running my website on wordpress and not any other platform, I think I am going to stick with phpbb for now (only because of the wp-united plugin). I feel that the only thing holding me back is the lack of bridge between wordpress and Xenforo. I know there is xenscripts, but I run wordpress plugins that will not work with xenscripts modifications. SO what I am going to do is stick to boring phpbb for now until I have enough money to have the bridge developed for xenforo.

Has anyone found a successful bridge yet? Honestly...


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Someone said he's using something called "amember" but I had a look and it costs somewhere around 200$ or so...

Which wp plugins are you running that don't work with the existing bridge?


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$200 yikes! That's a lot.
I wanted to use sitemile for a classifieds section on my website. It's pretty good,but you need to be signed up through Wordpress for it to work. Also, I am using OIO publisher or automatic ads


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Most xenForo add-on developers do not post their terms of service on their Resource post. xenForo is extremely expensive if one needs to buy many add-ons. If you have a small community, weigh-out the options. Then whatever decision you make, be happy with it.

Business do not turn a profit until year 3 or 5, sometimes they are just kidding themselves.