XF 1.5 Decide which subcats are shown at forum-list


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I have a lot of subforums and dont want to see the long, long list of them. I dont want to show the pull-downs also.
I just want to shoe some of them. I know how to do that with css, but i would like to change the whole process, why query some hundreds of cats, if i need only ten.

Maybe someone knows an addon for this? Or have an idea where to start searching, please?


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Hmm, then they are hidden at all, right?


Ten Forums at Level 0;
Every Forum has ten subforums, but some of them has 30.
Some of These Forums are important with a lot of threads, Posts, users, some others are not so important.

Then i want to have it like this:

Forum 1 (no Subs shown)
Forum 2 (no Subs shown)
Forum 3 (no Subs shown)
Forum 4 (no Subs shown)
Forum 5
-- Sub 5.1, sub 5.2, Sub 5.3 ...
Forum 6 (no Subs shown)
Forum 7
-- Sub 7.1, sub 7.2, Sub 7.3 ...

If a user clicks to one of the Level 0 Forums, he will see all Subs as usual.

I know how to do this with CSS, but i wonder if we can have a smaller query instead.