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XF 1.4 Debug Options - Slow POST Responses


Well-known member

I've misread the description of the "Slow POST Responses" and set it to 2000 actually believing it was in Milliseconds... As this also counts for POST-Requests from the Admin-CP, I'd need to wait like half an hour now for it to change it back to normal...

Anyone can tell me where that value is stored so I can manually revert it?
Thanks for the help!

PS: Maybe it'd be good not to slow down Admin-POST-Requests?


XenForo developer
Staff member
It's the delayPostResponses option in the database. You can edit that and then rebuild the master data (if not affected).

Alternatively, you can edit the code in XenForo_Controller to remove the delay.

I would strongly recommend not running in debug mode or modifying debug options unless you're potentially confident with editing the code to recover.


Well-known member
Thanks for the answer Mike! I've changed the option in the database but was unable to rebuild the cache as it requires a POST-Request. When I was unable to login into the admin due to the same problem, I commented out the code in the XenForo_Controller.php, Lines 206 to 209. After that I needed to change the Slow POST Responses option one more time in the debug options before I was able to uncomment the code again. Now its working again.