Dear xenForo


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Having read about your articles on vB makes me curious as to what extends really that makes the IB guys so distressful.

Apologies but I'm no brainer than you guys and not in position to judge who's Tom and who's Jerry either, to my 0.5 cents opinion the sudden act that IB took before the release of xF beta has just earned them self another collateral damage within their empire and presumable in the future their loyal customers too, included me.

It is funny some how, the way they think and run such a big company is like spongebob having lost his square pants. Nonetheless the vB script that were passed on, was not getting better and all the ideas that were implemented is so outdated included their CMS and blogs (forgive me IB fanboys). But I'm not saying their script is not good but it's buggy jumping!

The xenForo on the other hand is some what giving me the feeling of the genuine vB (back from the old school) but with exquisitely new user friendly experience and the easiness to register and breaking the ice is what makes stupid people like me able to login, post a comment ,make a new discussion flawlessly. To me this is another break thru, and I feel kind of inhumane if not supporting the guys behind this hoot.

Suffice to say
I would have my self swim into this pool and give it a shot, eventually let my 247.682 members judge by them self. I have the confidence that you guys will make a success out of this.

[DS] Joss


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Main screen turn on.
Somebody set up us the bomb.
For great justice.
All your base are belong to us.
You have no chance to survive make your time.